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We are a new but growing magical working group practising a form of Traditional Witchcraft which encompasses Druidry, Shamanism and some Wicca. We are based in the Sacred Landscape of Lancashire.

Our aims are to establish a strong group mind and work with sun and moon phases throughout the year. Our philosophy is Pagan and our Pantheon is Celtic for the purposes of ritual. We do not however dictate what pantheons our members feel most comfortable. In terms of ritual we always work outdoors and usually in woodland rain or shine. We are not fair weather pagans and prospective members should be prepared to get wet.

The founders have a variety of backgrounds including Druidry, Traditional Witchcraft, and those from a Shamanic background. The philosophy behind such a variety is that each of these traditions is very coterminous and synonymous with each other in terms of earth magic.  In our tradition we draw our inspiration from what we believe our ancestors must have experienced in their connection to nature and the land. We also connect via what we deem to be the collective unconscious with use of symbols and archetypes.


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